Batch Processing | Integrate Your FX Accounting Platform.

Accounting Software Integration and Batch Processing 

Whether it’s 10 payments, or 10,000, our system is a fast, simple way to automate your FX treasury needs. Our batch processing will conveniently streamline your payments to keep your business rolling along. 

Custom API integrations

Our team can work with your existing accounting platform and custom-manage a solution for uploading your payments within the PaymentEarth system.

Why choose to integrate your accounting platform with Paymentearth?

It’s a smarter, more efficient way to process large volumes of payments

Does your business process a large volume of international payments?

After logging into the online portal (PE Direct), simply upload your payment file directly into the Paymentearth system! Our technology team can work with you to make sure the template is customized to your company’s needs to assure a smooth process, and turnkey solution!

The Advantage:

  • Save time and potential for human error 
  • Pricing consistency- retain the same transparent spreads- Many banks and FX firms think automation means a way to raise the price! Don’t allow this money grab! We show you the fixed calculations on all trades and guarantee those are the spreads you’ll pay no matter how you choose to process your payments with us!

We believe in simplicity: transparent rates and state-of-the-art technology combined with actual human customer care! 

Send us your file, we’ll send you back a confirmation with one U.S. Dollar total!

How do I get started?

Open an account  and request Online access. 

Once logged in to the PE Direct online system, simply download the CSV template file. 

Our tech team is available to help finalize and perfect the upload file and make sure everything is smoothly functioning with your accounting process!  

Stay in the Know

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Our clients are thrilled!

We used to use three FX companies in order to keep the rate reasonable. With Paymentearth, they walked us through how to calculate the exact spread we get on every deal! A big time saver and a great way to do business!
Paymentearth makes uploading an excel file of all my monthly payments very easy! I upload it on their site and I’m able to print a confirmation in minutes! When we combine this with transparency and knowing our exact spread, it is a no brainer!
In my experience, banks are only willing to bend over backward if you’re a giant company. I’ve never felt that with Paymentearth. These guys are upfront, they’re knowledgeable, and they genuinely seem to value my business. It’s actually a pretty good feeling.
There is a big move toward transparency in FX, but then it can be impossible to actually talk to a real person. With Paymentearth, they analyzed my business, gave me a fixed rate, and I can call them anytime. Frankly, they’re just straight-up, and I appreciate that.
CharlesOwnerBoston, Massachusetts
My guy at Paymentearth took the time to explain how Forward Contracts work, and how they can help my business. My bank never gave me half the attention of Paymentearth.
JimPresidentNew Jersey
It’s not often that we need foreign cash, but it’s very convenient to order what we need from Paymentearth, and have one less thing to worry about before the trip.
ChrisTour Group OperatorCalifornia
Almost any bank can help get a wire out, if that’s all you need. Paymentearth goes above and beyond for us though, and for a small business like ours, it makes a big difference to get such expert service. Of course, the rates are good too!

International payments made easy!

Open an account and get started or give us a call: 800-566-0915