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Paymentearth offers a transparent FX pricing structure with unparalleled customer service. We show you the exact markup you pay on every foreign exchange transfer for a fast, efficient and trustworthy transaction. Our roots are in servicing businesses for their international payments and foreign exchange needs.

Who can open an account?

PaymentEarth adheres to all rules and regulations governing the transmission of, and receipt of foreign currencies and USD. We serve both Corporate clients, as well as Private Individuals’ international payments.

What services do you offer?

• Outgoing Payments

  1. Spot Transactions
  2. Forward Contracts (Fixed-Date, Window)
  3. Active FX Management (for ongoing payables and treasury)
  4. Standing Orders
  5. Batch payments
  6. State-of-the-art Online portal

• Incoming Payments

  1. Accept incoming wire transfers, to your account, or to your Virtuwallet
  2. Net payments (Receive one currency and send back out, or convert to another currency)
  3. Incoming foreign currencies converted with same transparent pricing

• Virtuwallet

Hold foreign amounts in up to 25 currencies (with IBANs in your own name)

• Retail Bank Notes

Order cash in foreign currencies to have on hand for overseas travel and other needs. We offer competitive rates when compared to banks, with multiple options for delivery!

• Batch Processing

Using our online platform, customers can upload a CSV file to allow for quick processing of multiple orders to multiple beneficiaries in one easy move!

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